Beginning and prospects


The early years: From welding machine to incandescent lamp

Produktionshalle vor dem 2. Weltkrieg
Production hall before World War II


It was on January 2nd that Hans Jahn went to court of Coburg to officially register the „Metallwarenfabrikation Hans Jahn" with the authorities . The company started by developing and manufacturing matrices and welding machines for the production of electrical wires.

A few years later, HELLUM had already fully automated its production of lamp holders and electrodes which were exported to all parts of the world. The required machinery was also developed and manufactured at HELLUM's own production facilities.

To make room for the fabrication of incandescent lamps, HELLUM moved to larger premises at the city center of Coburg in the mid 1930s. HELLUM even had its own engineering department and specialized in manufacturing custom-designed products.

 After the war: Light sources of all kinds

Luftaufnahme des ehemaligen Firmengebäudes
Aerial photo of the former corporate building


World War II took its toll on Coburg and on HELLUM, too. Being short of raw materials and staff, HELLUM had to downsize its production during the war before shutting it down completely in 1945. However, only one year later Hellum was back in business. Despite the fact that HELLUM had lost many customers due to the division of Germany into East and West, and that raw materials were still scarce, it didn't take long for HELLUM to become successful again.

Already in 1950, HELLUM took part as exhibitor at the Hannover industrial fair. In the following years, Hellum blossomed and became one of the most modern companies in the light industry with fully automated assembly lines. HELLUM manufactured light sources of all kinds and started the production of decorative illuminations. By 1965, HELLUM had its own production facility dedicated to manufacturing injection-molded plastic parts for Christmas light chains.

 Since the Eighties: HELLUM goes international

Globalization has changed the markets fundamentally during the past 30 years. HELLUM has kept up with the times and expanded its import business. Thanks to moving to the industrial estate Cortendorf in the south of Coburg, HELLUM owns extensive storage capacities today. Most products are imported directly from Asia where HELLUM entertains long-term partnerships with selected suppliers. In 2013, HELLUM opened a large show-room in South-China's million-metropolis Guangzhou where prospective customers can see the full portfolio on display. 

A unique blend of tradition and innovation under one roof

Hellum Produktion - Made in Germany
HELLUM production - Made in Germany


Only few companies manage to blend their international activities with traditional workmanship successfully – HELLUM is one of them. Even today, specially trained technicians produce light chains at HELLUM's on-site production facilities. This makes HELLUM the only company in Germany to manufacture light chains by itself.

The "Made-in-Germany" collection is a true classic and still among the most-ordered HELLUM Christmas products.

Our Sortiment

Hellum specializes in manufacturing and selling light chains and other decorative lightings for indoor and outdoor use. Our range includes classical light chains, light chains with decorative elements, wireless Christmas candles, stars, wax candles, illuminated trees and plants, acrylic decoration, LED- picture, ceramic figures, gift bags, silhouettes, rope lights, halloween and spare parts.

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Distribution channels

At Christmas and throughout the rest of the year, Hellum products add a festive mood to any house or garden, to hotels and restaurants, to shops and department stores. The hellum portfolio is available through the onlineshop, electronic retail chains, DIY and garden centers and retail stores all over Germany, Austria and other European countries.