Rent me!

Who celebrates a party often has the problem that the atmospheric lighting is missing - you don't want to buy, because what do you do with all the light decoration afterwards? Illuminate house and yard the whole year over in the American style that the electricity supplier is pleased and one rises fast to the customer of the year or the neighbors cannot sleep because of loud lighting. To save yourself the trouble with the neighbors and to save your wallet, you can easily rent our light chains and light decorations.

How does that work?

Quite simple! Choose the right products and send us an inquiry using the form below. We will process it very quickly and check whether the desired products are available in the requested period.


Select product(s)

Select the products you would like to rent from the following PDF file.


Start inquiry

Simply use this form to request the products for your desired period.


Down payment & delivery

If your selection is available in your desired period, we will send you a confirmation, as well as an invoice for the deposit, which is 50% rental.

As soon as we receive your deposit, we will ship the products to you.


Your Party

Now comes the most important thing: Your party! 

Tip: You had a professional photographer at your event?

Send us your photos so that we can use them for advertising purposes after checking them and your rent was free! Your already paid deposit will be returned!


Return & Invoice

After your event, you have 4 days to return the goods and pay the balance within 14 days.

Tip: You like our products so much that you want to keep them?

Then simply let us know in writing!

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