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HELLUM specializes in manufacturing and selling light chains and other decorative lightings for indoor and outdoor use. Our range includes classical light chains, light chains with decorative elements, wireless Christmas candles, stars, wax candles, illuminated trees and plants, acrylic decoration, LED pictures, ceramic figures, gift bags, silhouettes, rope lights, halloween and spare parts.

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Expertise and innovation in decorative lighting. Being successful in the same industry for a century is something special for a company in the fast-moving consumer goods business. In 2019 Hellum celebrates its 100th anniversary.

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Inspirations for hours of light! With the right lighting, every decoration becomes perfect. Hellum offers a huge selection of light chains, lanterns, light nets and much more for perfect light decoration for indoors and outdoors. You can find the best ideas here.

Please note that unfortunately we cannot offer direct sales outside of the Hellum factory sales dates.

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HELLUM products provide atmospheric lighting in the home and garden, hotels and restaurants, shops and department stores during the Christmas season and all year round. Distribution takes place via our Amazon shop as well as electrical, garden and DIY stores throughout Germany, Austria and other European countries.