Selling Successfully with Products from Hellum

Today, purchasing retail products can no longer be complicated. That's why we made for you the Hellum partner portal that is at all times easily accessible and supports you in purchasing and sales.

We reduce your procurement costs and you can concentrate more on your own business.

Together with Hellum, you can offer your customers products for atmospheric lighting for home and garden or hotels, restaurants and of course all other companies not only during the Christmas season, but all year round.

Your Benefits

fair and transparent conditions

order 24/7 at any time

quick ordering process

no contract periods

no hidden costs

partnership on equal footing

Become a Hellum Sales Partner

Registration is that easy

fill in all fields of the Dealer-Registration

select a PDF, PNG or JPG file for uploading the business license

Click on "Send customer data"

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The Hellum partner portal is a pure B2B (Business to Business) internet shop. Therefore, without so-called consumer participation, the rules of distance selling do not apply here. Therefore please note: As a commercial customer in the Hellum partner portal, you have no right of withdrawal or return and do not have to be informed about this. Much of the information required by distance selling law does not have to be provided to purely commercial customers.